Poindexter Hall

  This building is named after the late Weenona Poindexter, a mistress of music at the school for some 50 years. It houses our music department and is the site of many musical performances by a number of MUW’s performing groups such as Chorale, Madrigals, and The Group. The building is odd because one half of the building is three stories tall and the other is four. It is easy to get lost in the building because of this.  
English Professor, Dr. Kendall Dunkelberg , speaks about his book at the Welty Writer's Symposium
  The annual Eudora Welty Writer’s Symposium is also held here each October where world renowned writers come to discuss their latest works. Such famous authors as Rebecca Wells, author of “Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood”, and Willie Morris (“My Dog Skip”) have attended the symposium in the past.  

The steps of Poindexter are the site where President William Howard Taft (1909-13) came to speak during his tour of the south. While on campus he ate five bowls of Brunswick stew and showed his support for women’s education by saying, "A girl has the right to demand such training that she can win her own way to independence, thereby making marriage not a necessity, but a choice."

Vice President Dick Cheney also spoke from the front steps of Poindexter in 2003.

Ms. Poindexter loved the building that bore her name so much that she would visit it every day just to see how it was holding up. When she received word that Shattuck Hall, which is next door to Poindexter, had caught on fire she became hysterical and called an ambulance to come pick her up and place her in the building so that someone would be forced to save it should the fire spread to Poindexter.
  MUW is one of a limited number of universities in the country and the only public institution in Mississippi to offer a bachelor's in music therapy.  
Instuctor of Music Therapy , Kristen Cole, with a few of her instruments.
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